Creative and Professional Work

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POems & Poetry

My first creative love. Poetry collections I admire: When My Brother Was an Aztec, Clampdown, The Clouds Float North, The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out, My Poems Won’t Change the World, Incendiary Art.

What am I working on now? Submitting a couple of chapbook manuscripts, Some Imperishable Bliss and The Book of Truth, and revising a full-length collection, Singing Without a Melody.

Recent publications

  • “Fruit from the Fruit Bowl,” 2020 Texas Poetry Calendar
  • “Click Bait,” “No Soliciting,” “On Avatars,” “The State With the Prettiest Name: A Manifesto,” Free State Review, Summer 2019
  • “Readymade,” Birmingham Poetry Review, Spring 2019
  • “Longings,” Cream City Review, Spring/Summer 2019
  • “The Book of Truth,” “Pest Control,” Aperçus Fall 2018
  • “Etiquette of Submission,” Booth, Spring 2018
  • “Compassion Machine,” Construction, Spring 2018
  • “Texel Island, The Netherlands,” ellipsis, Spring 2018
  • “After Reading Sally Mann’s Memoirs,” “Hunger, an Anniversary”, 2018


Not recently updated, but some interview treasures with poets Jennifer Moxley, Christina Davis, Katie Peterson, Sally Keith, Suzanne Buffam, and Pimone Triplett.

Children’s Books

What I loved as a kid: Cross Country Cat, Pete’s Dragon, Bridge to Terabithia, One Morning in Maine, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Make Way for Ducklings.

What I love now: Where the Wild Things Are (How could you not?), The Runaway Bunny, Tatsuya Miyanishi’s dinosaur series, The Quiet Book, The Snowy Day, Frederick

What my kiddo loves: Jamberry, the Pigeon books, the Llama Llama series, Clark the Shark, Mouse and Lion, Dragons Love Tacos.

Professional Life

Since April 2018, I’ve worked for the educational media company, Pellet Media. I’m a coordinating producer for Pellet, and my primary responsibility is running Stairway to STEM, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the college transition for autistic students, especially in STEM. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter.