Hi! I’m Jessica.

Thanks for visiting. When I became interested in picture book writing, I put together this website, not knowing exactly what I wanted it to be–there are lots of excellent sites with resources, author and agent interviews, tips and tricks, and reviews.

Eventually, I realized I wanted to keep a “picture-book reading diary,” which reflects the way many parents and picture-book lovers read. So while there’s a focus here on recent books, you’ll also find older books–classic ones, books I loved as a child and think about now as a writer, treasures found unexpectedly in a library bin. Like picture books themselves, I try to keep my entries short. Taken together, these blogs represent the themes that interest me as a reader and writer, and the books that excite me most.

In my working life, I’m a writer, editor, and general getter-of-things done. I worked in higher-ed, nonprofits, and editing for 15 years, and I’m now a technology proposal writer.

I’m quiet on the socials at the moment, but to learn more about me, you can find my twitter feed @ejessmurray – see you there!

Also, the talented Benjine Gerber did my header art. You can find her here.